Hi. I like music. And tea. And kittens. I'm a Theatre/Dance major, so basically I will be poor forever. I also suffer from terrible wanderlust. I just want to travel the world. I am also a viola enthusiast and named my viola Desdemona, if that tells you anything about me. :)

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Princess Red Wing (born Lillian St. Cyr) was  one of the first Native American actors in the industry.  She was a main character in the first feature length film, Cecil B. DeMille’s “The Squaw Man,” and was in more than 50 other silent films about the west.  With her producer/director husband James Young Deer, she formed half of the most power Native American couple in the film industry at the time.  Today, she is largely forgotten. 

You can watch White Fawn’s Devotion (Youtube), a short directed in 1910 by James Young Deer and starring Red Wing, which is often credited as the first film directed by an American Indian. However, James Young Deer’s Winnebago heritage has been called into question and is now recognized as a mulatto black man who took on an Indian identity.

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Where we are book questions

Can we just take a moment for Zayn’s answer, that made me cry :(


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Alexander McQueen “Savage Beauty” at the Met Museum

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2014 Chocolate Sushi Plus Size Couture

It’s so rude to make me swoon at work! ;) 

  • twitter side of the fandom: drama drama fOLLOW ME FOLLOW ME drama
  • facebook side of the fandom: COME TO *a list of 123432 countries*
  • keek side of the fandom: what the fuck did i just watch
  • tumblr side of the fandom: i can see his dick through his pants


when i was in the third grade, i thought i was gay, because i was, and i still am


gq.co.uk readers’ best-dressed 2014: 01. zayn malik

In a sea of generic monochrome suiting on the red carpet, Malik stands alone. He was an early adopter of the bold bomber-jacket trend, wears camo with the casual ease of a Territorial Army foot solider and is possibly the only person on earth who can get away with a dark shirt under a dark suit at an awards show.

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